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Referencing & Avoiding Plagiarism

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Reference Management

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What is EndNote Online?

EndNote Online is a Web based Reference Management tool that helps you collect references (Author, Title, Date, Publisher) of the resources you have read and then put them in to the format required for your assignments.

It will allow you to create your own online Library of the material you have found and then generate In-text Citations and a Bibliography as you write your essay. A number of different referencing styles are available. It will store 50,000 records and allows 2GB of file (PDF & Image) storage.

Why do I need to provide References?

Referencing is an important part of academic work.  If you use someone else’s work without giving them due credit, you are committing plagiarism. It also allows the reader to know where you are getting your argument from and what sources you have used in your research.

There are a number of different referencing styles (such as Harvard, Chicago, APA) so be sure to check which style you are required to use for your specific subject. Examples in the styles are available here

How do I create an EndNote Online account?

Register for a EndNote Account (or link to an existing account) using the following link.

You can also access EndNote via the Web of Science database by clicking on the EndNote Tab located there. If you are off campus make sure you login for off campus access before using this option. 

When you have an Online Endnote Account you'll need to populate it with your references and sort them into groups.  Details below on how to do this. You can also download the Cite while you Write tool , which is available under the downloads tab. This will allow you to create In-Text Citation's, Footnotes and Bibliographies, in your word document with data drawn from your references stored in EndNote.

There is also a tool called Endnote Click which you can download which is very useful for capturing the PDF's of articles.

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