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Spanish & Latin American Studies

Journals & Databases

Top recommended Journals for Spanish

  1. Afro-Hispanic Review A bilingual journal of Afro-Hispanic literature and culture.
  2. Literatura MexicanaJournal that aims to disseminate knowledge of Mexican literary culture, understood as the texts that comprise it from the sixteenth century to the present, as well as the authors of these texts, their genres, supports , readers and the ideas that are transmitted through the processes that some of these elements put in motion.
  3. Journal of Iberian and Latin-American studiesIs an international journal devoted to the history and cultures of the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America. Its main purpose is to disseminate research of the highest standards in the areas of early modern, modern and contemporary history.

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How to reference a Journal Article

(in the Harvard style)

In-Text Reference: used when you are quoting or paraphrasing a source in the body of your essay. It follows an author-date format. The above reference would appear as (Markey, 2008) in-text.

For more information on how to reference online resources see our Referencing Guide

Journals & Databases

What are they?

Journal: An academic journal is a specialist publication where academics and researchers can publish and communicate their work. A journal publishes articles, research papers and reviews of a high quality that have been reviewed by experts in the subject.

Databases: Library databases contain information about published academic research. Like journals, they contain peer reviewed articles but also reports, datasets, facts and figures, theses and dissertations and all manner of academic information related to your subject.

Using journals and databases should form part of your Search Strategy. For more information, see our Successful Searching Guide.

It is important for students and researchers of Subject to have access to the latest peer review research. On this page, you can find the library’s most recommended journals and databases for Subject.

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Featured Spanish Database

Oxford Reference Online: Premium

This is a database of language and subject reference works from Oxford University Press available as a single cross-searchable resourceExample 1 with description & image

What is Peer Review?

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“The evaluation of scientific, academic, or professional work by others working in the same field” – Oxford English Dictionary

You are expected to use Peer Review research in your work.

Explore Peer Review in more detail in our Successful Searching Guide.