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Research Data Management

Why Manage Research Data?

What is Research Data Management

What is Research Data?

"The data, records, files or other evidence, irrespective of their content or form (e.g. in print, digital, physical or other forms), that comprise research observations, findings or outcomes, including primary materials and analysed data.” (Australian National Data Service)
•Statistics and measurements
•Results of experiments or simulations
•Observations e.g. fieldwork
•Survey results – print or online
•Interview recordings and transcripts
•Images, from cameras and scientific equipment
Data should be managed to:
Facilitate Data reuse/sharing, Improve Data quality/Research transparency, provide long term access & preservation of Data.
If you don't: you may be vulnerable through:
hardware/software failure, obsolescence, human error, staff changes, legal problems, institutional policy changes, malicious attacks.


Data is expensive to produce and worth protecting !


Why Manage Research Data?

  • Research funder policies

    • Publicly funded research should be available

    • Open data agenda

  • Good Research Practice

    • Good data management is good for research

    • Avoid data loss and improve data security

    • Benefits of data reuse

    • The evidence underpinning research findings should be available for validation

    • Research efficiency in managing files and data

  • Online sharing dissemination of data

    • Increased impact of research

    • Secondary data use

  • Improved oversight by Institutions of Research output and value

What is Research Data Management

Research data management is concerned with how data is organised at all stages of the research cycle, from the initial generation of data through to its dissemination and archiving as the research is completed. It is concerned with how the data is created, organised,stored and made available to other researchers.

The management of Research Data is a important part of the research process and is also in many cases a requirement by Academic Institutions and Funders.


Research Data Lifecycle

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The what, how and why of research data management