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Reference Management Software

EndNote DesktopX9

Introduction to EndNote, Endnote Online, and other Reference Management tools that you can use to store your references and create bibliographies and citations for your papers.

EndNoteX9 (version 19)


Create a customized library of all your references.

• Insert those references in Word and EndNote will automatically create citations and a bibliography matching the requirements of your selected journal or style manual— and it has over 6,000 bibliographic styles to choose from!

• Attach PDFs, sound files, videos, or any other kind of file to your references—up to 45 files per reference!

• Read and annotate attached PDFs.

• Organize your library using groups to categorize references by project, subject, or anything else you choose—and the same reference can be in as many groups as you want.

• Sync your EndNote references and groups across multiple computers, share references with others, track who has made changes to references in shared libraries and when they were made, and access your references from almost anywhere with any Internet browser by logging into your EndNote online account at

• And much, much more

Coming soon to Maynooth EndNoteX20

Compare with previous versions here

EndNote Checklist

  1. Download the EndNote Software (and product code which happens automatically) from AppsAnywhere
  2. Check Word to make sure the Cite while you Write Tool has downloaded (EndNote tab appears in Word) as well
  3. Create a new file from EndNote to save your Endnote Library in to
  4. Export references into EndNote from whatever Library database you are searching
  5. Create groups to sort your references
  6. Insert references into your word document to create In Text Citations & Bibliographies
  7. If in doubt check the resources below or ask for help


Maynooth University has a site license for EndNote.  Staff and Students are permitted to download the software to their devices. This software must be removed if users leave the University.  

Download EndNoteX9 via AppsAnywhere

Download and install EndNote from Apps Anywhere (video)

*Please note when you download it, there will be two files (Installation File & Text File), the Text File contains the product code which you'll need to complete the download.

EndNote Desktop is a bibliographic add-on for Microsoft Word available on Windows and Mac computers.

EndNote desktop can be accessed by staff and students on their own Windows PCs/laptops via AppsAnywhere .  Windows 10 is recommended for best results.

Guide to accessing EndNote from Apps Anywhere here

EndNote Click (Kopernio) integration with EndNote

EndNoteX9 for Windows: Short Course

EndNote User Guide

EndNote User Guides including some really useful Videos and Quick Guides

Downloading & Functionality for EndNoteX9

EndNote Training Videos Playlist

Download the EndNote App for ipads & iPhones from the Apple Store

Collect, collaborate, create from anywhere with the EndNote app - the world's most popular research management tool. With flexible tools for searching, organizing, sharing research, and creating bibliographies, the EndNote app extends your ability to stay on top of cutting edge research and connect with your EndNote library on the go.

EndNote enables you to easily view, edit, organize, and share research material on your iOS device. By syncing your research library across iOS, online, and desktop, you increase the power of EndNote by gaining seamless access to your reference library from multiple devices and platforms.

The EndNote app includes:

- Sign up for a free, EndNote online account or sign in to an existing account

- Synchronize your library references, attachments, and PDF annotations to your online account and X9 desktop

- Built in web browser to search Clarivate Analytics Web of Science, PubMed, Google Scholar, your library catalog, or any other database you choose

- Built in PDF viewer with wide range of annotation features. Annotations made can be synced and edited online and on the X9 desktop

- Importing capabilities for .ris, .nbib, and other popular reference file formats

- Email and copy options for sharing references and file attachments with collaborators

- EndNote “temporary citation” format support

- Attach files from Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive to your references (accounts available separately)

- Viewing and editing options for references and file attachments

- Sorting, searching, and grouping options for references and file attachments

- Getting Started Guide documentation


EndNote Desktop & EndNote Online

Using EndNote online in conjunction with EndNote on the desktop will allow you to access the contents of your EndNote library from any computer with an internet connection, sync references between computers and share your research with colleagues.

You'll also need Endnote Online to download some additional tools such as  Capture Reference and Endnote Click (captures PDF's of the articles you find, formerly called Kopernio) tools.

Compare Endnote Desktop vs EndNote Online

What's new in EndnoteX9?

Cite While you Write Tools are missing in word?