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eBooks & eJournals

You can search all the Library's eBooks & eJournals here

eBooks: The Library has access to thousands of electronic books. You can search for them through typing keywords into the LibrarySearch box below or on the main Library homepage. Books can be read online or downloaded. You will need your MU login credentials to read these electronic resources.

eJournal: An academic journal is a specialist publication where academics and researchers can publish and communicate their work. A journal publishes articles, research papers and reviews of a high quality that have been reviewed by experts in the subject.

Books on the Shelves

Sometimes, a book that matches your research topic well could be sitting on the shelf, but you're not sure how to locate it or don't understand the Library catalogue.

To help you become an expert at finding books, take our short tutorial below on searching for books in the library.



LibrarySearch is the Maynooth University library's catalogue. It allows you to search for books, journals, databases and all items held by the library in one place. 


Databases are like big storage boxes of academic information and are often organised by a topic or subject. They contain journal articles, but also much more.

They're helpful if you're researching a topic in depth. If you want to find a database, try searching for it through LibrarySearch. For all Databases, see our A-Z of Databases.


LibrarySearch Tutorial

Take our tutorial on using Maynooth University LibrarySearch below

Google Scholar

A freely available search engine allowing a broad search across scholarly literature.

Beware: Google scholar has limitations. Academic research is standardised and often contained behind a paywall. As a student of MU, you are entitled to high standard, peer reviewed research from Maynooth LibrarySearch. So why not start your search there?