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Measuring Research Impact

Altmetrics Explorer

Altmetric Explorer

Altmetric Explorer is an intuitive platform that MU has subscribed to and will be available shortly to all MU Students and Academics. It enables you to monitor the online activity surrounding academic research at a researcher or institutional level. 

Who’s saying what about your published work?,

With altmetrics, you can start to track this information as soon as your research is published – meaning no waiting around for citations, and the chance to engage directly with the audiences who are interested in your work.

Monitor and track early engagement, showcase influence, identify the most effective channels to disseminate your research, seek out collaborators, and show the full picture of your research impact

Check out the Altmetric for Researchers Guide here

To access the MU subscription to Altmetric Explorer register here

Please note: For your research to be discoverable by Altmetrics Explorer, your published items must include a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) or other identifier 

Altmetric Explorer Tutorials (4 parts)

Altmetrics Explorer

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Altmetric Free Tools for researchers to track and engage with the attention associated with your articles

Bookmarklet: Find the Altmetrics for your Articles

The Altmetric Bookmarklet is a browser plug-in that allows you to instantly see the Altmetric Attention Score for the scholarly output you are viewing, provided the webpage has appropriately metadata. You simply drag the "Altmetric It" button from this page and drag it to your bookmarks bar. Then you navigate to the scholarly output you're interested in and click "Altmetric It". This should produce an Altmetric donut in the top right hand corner of your browser.



The Bookmarklet does have limitations. It only works on scholarly outputs that have a unique identifier (in this case it must be a DOI or PMID) and it must be embedded within the metadata. 


You can see the DOI on the webpage above. Below you can see the source code for this journal article, the DOI is embedded in the last line of the metatags.


You can visit this page for more information about the bookmarklet.


Badges: provides a summary of the attention your article receives


Altmetric allows researchers to use Altmetric badges to showcase their Altmetric Attention Scores and Details Pages. You can embed the badges into your individual profile, CV, or on your publication pages. 

As with all of our badges, they are fully customizable so that they can fit in with your existing design strategy. You can view the necessary code and build your own badge by visiting this page!


API: Provides details about individual research output

Altmetric's Details Page - Counts Only API is free to use for researchers. The API allows you to fetch altmetric indicators associated with any research output that Altmetric tracks. You can use these altmetrics to conduct research, build noncommercial apps, showcase your own Altmetric attention scores on your personal website, and more! Contact with a description of your project to request an API key.

The technical documentation for the API is available at


For more details click here

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