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Online Resources

Key Websites for Studying History

This is a list of key recommended websites for the study of History 

  1. Century Ireland Online historical newspaper, published fortnightly
  2. Directory of Open Access journals. Indexes & provides access to open access peer-reviewed journals.
  3. CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts. Online database of contemporary and historical topics from many areas, including literature and the other arts.
  4. Census of Ireland 1901/1911. Online, searchable digital version of the household returns and ancillary records for the censuses of Ireland of 1901 and 1911, which are in the custody of the National Archives of Ireland.
  5. History Hub. Hosts podcasts, papers and documents highlighting new historical research. Based in the UCD School of History and Archives
  6. Irish History Online. A bibliography of Irish history. Currently gives access to the contents of the Writings on Irish History for 1936 to 2002 in addition to Irish material from the Royal Historical Society bibliography.
  7. National Library of Ireland. Website of the National Library of Ireland


How to reference something you found online

In the Irish Historical Studies Style

In-Text Reference: Irish Historical Studies uses the footnote style of in-text referencing.


In the same way you reference books and journal articles, you need to reference anything you find online. 

You might not be able to find all of the information (e.g. some webpages have no individual author), but take note of the information that's available and put it into your referencing style.


For more information on how to reference online resources see our referencing guide.

Online Resources

While it is required to use academic sources provided by the Library such as Books and Journals & Databases for your assignments and research, good quality online resources can make an important difference to your work.


In this Online Resources section of our History guide, we’ve collected together information on

  1. The best online resources for History that will help you do well in your studies and
  2. Some advice on how to get the most out of these resources.

Be careful!: Unlike academic resources, general online resources often don’t go through a process to check they are of high quality. So you will need to assess them yourself by following the advice below and reading our Evaluating Information Guide.

Useful Online Resources for History

MU History Departmental Website

The Department of History’s website provides up to date information and news for that department.

For students and staff of the department, it also provides access to key information such as

  1. The Departmental Handbook
  2. Essay Cover Sheets for assignments.
  3. Details of Departmental staff and their areas of interest.



Maynooth Library Website

When you want to find information that will help you with your academic work, we recommend you start with the MU Library website.

It's your one stop portal to finding out everything about the Library, including:

  • Opening hours
  • Our collections
  • Our Library Catalogue
  • And much more - all available here

Is an online source reliable or is it Fake News?

When you encounter online information you should ask yourself five Questions:  

  1. How recently was the information published / updated? 
  2. Is it relevant to your work?
  3. Do you trust the author?
  4. Is it supported by evidence?
  5. For what reason was the information published?


Find out more about Evaluating Information in our Successful Searching Guide.