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MURAL Institutional Repository Guide

How to deposit

Direct deposit to MURAL

Items can be added directly to MURAL by any registered user.

Any member of staff can register an account as a MURAL user and deposit their own work directly.

If you would like us to set up an account for you we would be happy to do so.

Email the repository administrator ( Please include your name, department, email and telephone extension.

Need some help?

Deposit via RIS

Maynooth University academic staff are requested by the university to add publication data to their profiles on the Research Information System (RIS). When you have your publication data completed in the RIS, simply attach your publication and click on the red book icon  to begin the process.

In the Actions column of the table, you have the following options:

  • Click on the Spanner icon to edit an entry.
  • Click on the X to delete an entry.
  •  This icon means that the publication has yet to be uploaded to the repository.
  • This icon means that you have started the uploading but not yet sent the document
  • This icon means that the publication has started the upload to repository process. At this point your publication is being checked by library staff for submission
  •  This icon means that the publication is in the repository.

To provide further information and to alert you to copyright policies, we ask that you answer some questions. If you are unsure you can tick the button that you feel is most representative.

  • Have you checked copyright?
  • Please indicate the version you are submitting
  • Confirm License Agreement

The library will perform copyright checks prior to making material available in the IR and can contact you if there are any issues:

You should read and agree to the stated deposit agreement. Please refer to the MU Policy on Open Access Research.

You can read more about copyright and versions of papers here.

The Library will always work to ensure no publication will be made available in contravention of your wishes or copyright policies

Please note: For your research to be discoverable by Altmetrics Explorer, your published items must include a DOI (Digital Object Identifier). 

RIS Publications Webinar