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A Libguide dedicated to all things MU Staff, bringing together useful resources, tools and services available to MU Staff in one place.

I need an ISBN

An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a commercial code that can be assigned to publications (not serials - ISSN's are used for these) to identify them. To apply for an ISBN in MU, please contact Jacqui Morrissey in MU Library.  

I need an ISSN

An ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) is a commercial code given to serials in order to identify them. 

To apply for an ISSN for your serial, you will need to contact the National Library of Ireland, who administer ISSN's for Irish serials. 

I need a DOI

A DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is a numeric string assigned to articles, papers, books and other publications that is a permanent link. 

To get a DOI for your publication, please contact Suzanne Redmond-Maloco

Have you written an article?

If you have written an article, make sure to submit your material to MURAL, Maynooth University's Open Access institutional Repository.

Let us know when you publish a book

MU Library has a college collection on display in the foyer of MU Library, to the right of the turnstiles. Our goal is to hold a copy of all the published works by MU's academics and researchers in the library.

We would like to purchase a copy of your publication for the collection, so let us know when you are publishing or co-authoring/editing your book.

Written a book? Claim payments.....

The Public Lending Remuneration (PLR) scheme is the way for authors to receive a payment for the loans of their books by public libraries.

Under PLR, a payment may be made to registered authors, resident in the EEA, in respect of books registered with the PLR and loaned by public library authorities.

PLR became law in Ireland in 2008 and the PLR Scheme is managed by LGMA Libraries Development.

Find out more on the PLR website.

Open Access explained

Open Access is an international movement to make research publications freely available to the international research community in order to stimulate further research. Any person who can connect to the internet can access OA material freely. They can also download, print and distribute these articles provided the author of the article is properly acknowledged and cited. The potential readership of OA articles exceeds that of articles where full-text is restricted to subscribers. OA is made possible by institutional repositories such as MURAL.

Read much more about it on OA for Researchers or email the OA section directly with your queries. 

I need help with Open Access (OA)

MU Library now have a dedicated email address for all Open Access queries:

Why submit your work to MURAL?

Benefits for Authors

  • Broadening worldwide access to material
  • Increasing citations for research material
  • Providing a method of preserving material
  • Making material easier to access from search engines
  • Raising profiles of Irish researchers internationally
  • Complying with funders and the MU Institutional Mandates
  • Complying with the European Framework Programme, Horizon 2020

Benefits to Maynooth University

  • Providing a showcase of Maynooth’s research publications
  • Raising the profile of Maynooth’s research internationally through broader access and citations
  • Providing a space for individuals, research groups, schools and colleges to display research work
  • Increasing potential collaboration and synergies between Irish and international researchers

What is MURAL? - formerly ePrints

MURAL (formerly ePrints) is Maynooth University’s institutional repository which contains both electronic copies of academic papers and eTheses, and showcases the research output of Maynooth University and St Patrick’s College staff and postgraduate students.

MURAL can contain either preprints (a working paper or the version of a paper submitted for peer review) or postprints (the final peer reviewed version, which has been accepted for publishing) or similar material such as book chapters, conference papers, working papers, technical reports and so on. This open access approach ensures the widest possible dissemination and impact for our work in Maynooth and contributes to the growing body of research literature that is now freely available online. MURAL is harvested by national open access portals, like RIAN.