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Proven outcomes from library classes

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A number of studies have examined the outcome of library instruction on student confidence, academic performance and retention.

Some outcomes of delivering information literacy classes to students include:

  • Creating a Search Strategy
  • Knowing where to search
  • Dealing effectively with the results
  • Increased confidence in their academic skills
  • Increased student retention


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Book a class for your students

Book a class here for your undergraduates, and taught postgraduates.

We can tailor classes to your students' needs and that of the curriculum, and can blend a number of approaches; these options are now available to you when booking. Book your class here: and give as much detail as possible, so we can tailor the class accurately.

Our classes are delivered in dedicated technology-enhanced training rooms (unless your class numbers exceed our capacity of 44). Students are required to have a laptop for the class, either their own, or a laptop can be made available from the library.

Our classes are interactive and skills-based, and will familiarise your students with MU library and provide a grounding in information literacy. Each class will introduce students to services and supports available to them through MU Library, the nature of academic information and why it matters for them, and finding important resources for their subject.

Optionally, we can build on these basic skills with up to two higher-level topics, which you can choose in the booking form, and which are.

  • Searching effectively for information for your assignment
  • Understanding and exploring databases (including primary source content), relevant to the module learning outcomes
  • Fundamentals of referencing, avoiding plagiarism and good academic practice
  • Using reference management software to support research (including EndNote)

If you would like to book a Research Skills training class for a group of postgraduate researchers or academics, with Ciarán Quinn, Research Support Librarian, browse and book your training here:

See also:

Special Collections & Archives: teaching support

In support of departmental programmes, we teach classes which include the following:

  • Aspects of book history which complement a particular area of study. This can provide an invaluable backdrop to research and give an understanding of the broader picture of publishing for a given period
  • Introduction to the history of the book
  • Introduction to manuscripts and archives

The Russell Library was designed by British architect and designer, Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin (1812-52), and completed in 1861. It houses the historical collections of St Patrick’s College, Maynooth which span ten centuries and a wide range of subjects. Contact the Russell Library for more information by telephone (+353 1 7083890) or email us.

Russell Library, Maynooth University

The Special Collections Reading Room in the John Paul II Library houses the unique and distinctive collections of Maynooth University, including archival collections of private origin such as the papers of writers and other professionals, as well as documents of local interest. Contact Special Collections & Archives for more information by telephone (+353 1 4747423) or email us.