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For Staff

Are you new to MU?

A Libguide dedicated to all things MU Staff, bringing together useful resources, tools and services available to MU Staff in one place.

Do you need to register for a MU Library account?

Your MyCard is your library card and once it is active, you have a library account.

You can borrow, reserve, receive alerts for orders and more using your MyCard.

If you have any queries about your MU Library account, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you. 

Welcome to MU: recorded online session & links

2021: Welcome to MU Library 21/22: a quick guide for staff new to MU - In 31 mins, find out about the services, resources and collections that will be of use to you and your work in MU.

2021: Working remotely and using online content from MU Library - In 30 minutes, find out how to search, refine and link to relevant full-text content available from MU Library (and Google Scholar). 

Take a look at our Subject Guide for your department

Every department has a dedicated information space for students and staff on the MU Library webpages. These are called Subject Guides and they contain lots of useful, subject-specific information on e-Journals, databases, books, study tips and more.

These guides can be tailored to your needs so if you have suggestions for additions or changes, please contact me.

Visit the library homepage and click on Guides and Tutorials to find and view your Department's LibGuide.

Watch the short tutorial below on Finding your Subject Guide on the library website

Want to visit another academic library?

We can arrange access for you to other academic libraries through the following schemes:

  • ALCID scheme which gives reading facilities to participating Irish libraries. Your card will be issued by library staff upon completion of the ALCID Application Form
  • SCONUL Research Extra (SRX) scheme which gives access and borrowing facilities to participating libraries in Ireland and the UK.

For further details please visit the Access to Other Libraries page or contact Emma Boyce,  tel: +353 1 708 3928.

Who should I contact in MU Library?

Print off this infographic (June 2022 version) and pin it on your bulletin board for easy reference: 

Academic staff services in MU Library

Take a virtual tour of the library

You can take a virtual tour of MU Library here

Want a physical tour of the library?

MU Library is an interesting blend of the original library from 1984, with a major, award-winning new extension built and opened in 2013.

If you'd like a tour of the library, I'd love to welcome you to MU Library and show you around. I can point out the resources and services that will support you and your students. Email me to request a tour.

Visiting-lecturer library access

Get in touch with us when you're visiting MU, and we'll arrange a short-term, temporary card for you that will give you physical access to the library. We can arrange for temporary logins so that you can use our e-resources. We're also happy to give you a tour of the library. 

Unfortunately, due to many of our license agreements in place with publishers, this temporary access is to the physical library, and does not facilitate remote working and access to our e-Journals / databases when the user is off-campus. In order to use the e-resources, the visiting lecturer will need to attend the library. 

If the visiting lecturer is attending the university for a longer period, in order to set them up for library access, your department needs to: 

  • Email Anne Pemberton, Campus Services, to request a MyCard for the lecturer, explaining their status, duration of stay, etc. 
  • Be sure to specify to Anne that you will need library access on the MyCard. 

Your visiting lecturer / intern will then receive their card from Campus Services. 

If they need borrowing rights on the card they need to visit the library in-person with their MyCard, fill in a form that the Information Desk staff will direct them to, after which borrowing can be activated. 

Meet the Academic Engagement Librarian to find out more

Arrange a quick meeting with me (via Teams or in person) if you're new to MU by email or phone (+353-1-7083897) and we can: 

  • take a tour of the physical library and /or,
  • discover collections and material of relevance to you, and,
  • discuss how MU Library can support your work.

I act as a liaison between you, your department, and MU Library, by working in the following areas: 

  • Keeping informed of academic work in MU, facilitating connections between academics and MU Library teams

  • Promoting the work of MU Library to faculty

  • Advocate on behalf of your department on library-related issues, to senior management in MU Library on decisions relevant to your departmental needs, such as the need for new subscriptions to databases, e-Journals etc. 

  • Providing information and guidance to faculty on resources, management of budgets and subscriptions

  • Helping arrange trials, training, cancellations and subscriptions to academic resources for faculty

  • Linking faculty to the range of MU Library services available: copyright information, teaching & learning, collection development, research support, digital services, and more

  • Meeting Library Reps regularly and keeping in touch about new developments

Arrange a meeting with me if you're new to MU by email or phone (+353-1-7083897) and we can discuss more.

How do inter-library loans work in MU Library?

We currently offer a free Inter-Library Loan service. Please see our Inter-Library Loan page for further details.

How do you arrange a book order to support your modules?

You will probably be producing a resource list or reading list for your module. To ensure your students have access to the material on your reading list, you will need to:

  • Check that the books and articles you are recommending are available from MU Library, or
  • Order them in if they are not

In MU, this is a manual process. Make sure you have registered with the library before ordering. If you need to do that now, the online form is here. Without registration, we will be unable to send you an alert when your book order arrives.

You can check your reading list material using LibrarySearch (MU Library's online catalogue).

Screenshot of saving a permanent link from LibrarySearch.

Once you have found the article, book or ebook from your reading list, click the Permanent Link option (the icon that looks like 2 links in a chain) to get a stable link to the resource that you can add to your reading list (see image above). This link can be added to your Word document, email, or uploaded to Moodle. If you want to link directly to the full-text content and upload the link to Moodle, email me and I can send you on the steps involved. 

Who do you ask when you want to order books?

Every department has a Library Rep; a designated member of staff that sends in book orders, and liaises with MU Library.

For contact details for your Department's Library Rep, email me. If you can't reach your Rep, or your have a query about ordering material, email me.

Managing your LibrarySearch Results

Watch the short tutorial below on Managing your LibrarySearch results